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sound.Add( table soundData )


Creates a sound script. It can also override sounds, which seems to only work when set on the server.


1 table soundData
The sounds properties. See Structures/SoundData


Creates a sound script. It will automatically vary in pitch and be played in a given audio channel to better control which sounds mix with which sounds and how.

In this example, the file location could be: ( Choose one )

  • garrysmod/sound/vehicles/enzo/idle.wav
  • garrysmod/gamemodes/MyCoolGameMode/content/sound/vehicles/enzo/idle.wav
  • garrysmod/addons/myCoolAddon/sound/vehicles/enzo/idle.wav
  • garrysmod/addons/myCoolAddon/gamemodes/MyCoolGameMode/content/sound/vehicles/enzo/idle.wav
sound.Add( { name = "enzo_engine_idle", channel = CHAN_STATIC, volume = 1.0, level = 80, pitch = {95, 110}, sound = "vehicles/enzo/idle.wav" } )
Output: You can now play your custom sound script with Entity:EmitSound like so:

Entity( 1 ):EmitSound( "enzo_engine_idle" )

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