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string Player:SteamID64()


Returns the player's 64bit SteamID aka CommunityID.

In singleplayer, this will return no value serverside.

In a multirun environment, this will return no value serverside for all "copies" of a player.

For bots, this will return 90071996842377216 (equivalent to STEAM_0:0:0) for the first bot to join.

For each additional bot, the number increases by 1. So the next bot will be 90071996842377217 (STEAM_0:1:0) then 90071996842377218 (STEAM_0:0:1) and so on.

On the client it returns no value for bots.

Use Player:AccountID for a shorter version of the SteamID.


1 string
Player's 64bit SteamID aka CommunityID.


Prints the 64bit SteamID of player

Output: 64bit SteamID (about 20 digits)

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