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  boolean, string GM:CheckPassword( string steamID64, string ipAddress, string svPassword, string clPassword, string name )


Called when a non local player connects to allow the Lua system to check the password.

The default behaviour in the base gamemodes emulates what would normally happen. If sv_password is set and its value matches the password passed in by the client - then they are allowed to join. If it isn't set it lets them in too.


1 string steamID64
The 64bit Steam ID of the joining player, use util.SteamIDFrom64 to convert it to a STEAM_0: one.
2 string ipAddress
The IP of the connecting client
3 string svPassword
The current value of sv_password (the password set by the server)
4 string clPassword
The password provided by the client
5 string name
The name of the joining player


1 boolean
If the hook returns false then the player is disconnected
2 string
If returning false in the first argument, then this should be the disconnect message. This will default to #GameUI_ServerRejectBadPassword, which is Bad Password. translated to the client's language.


A user access whitelist to the server.

Available pre-defined messages can be found in ../sourceengine/resource/gameui_english.txt files or here.

Suggested messages are #GameUI_ConnectionFailed and #GameUI_ServerRejectLANRestrict.

local allowed = { [ "76561198012345678" ] = true, -- Me [ "76561198123456789" ] = true, -- Friend #1 [ "76561198234567890" ] = true, -- Friend #2 } hook.Add( "CheckPassword", "access_whitelist", function( steamID64 ) if not allowed[ steamID64 ] then return false, "#GameUI_ServerRejectLANRestrict" end end )