Garry's Mod Wiki


  chat.AddText( ... )


Adds text to the local player's chat box (which only they can read).


1 vararg arguments
The arguments. Arguments can be:
  • table - Color. Will set the color for all following strings until the next Color argument.
  • string - Text to be added to the chat box.
  • Player - Adds the name of the player in the player's team color to the chat box.
  • any - Any other type, such as Entity will be converted to string and added as text.


Prints the player's name and current weapon to their chat area.

local ply = LocalPlayer() chat.AddText( Color( 100, 100, 255 ), ply, ", you are holding ", Color( 100, 255, 100 ), ply:GetActiveWeapon():GetClass() )