Garry's Mod Wiki


  ConVar CreateClientConVar( string name, string default, boolean shouldsave = true, boolean userinfo = false, string helptext = "", number min = nil, number max = nil )


Makes a clientside-only console variable

This function is a wrapper of CreateConVar, with the difference being that FCVAR_ARCHIVE and FCVAR_USERINFO are added automatically when shouldsave and userinfo are true, respectively.

Although this function is shared, it should only be used clientside.


1 string name
Name of the ConVar to be created and able to be accessed.

This cannot be a name of existing console command or console variable. It will silently fail if it is.

2 string default
Default value of the ConVar.
3 boolean shouldsave = true
Should the ConVar be saved across sessions in the cfg/client.vdf file.
4 boolean userinfo = false
Should the ConVar and its containing data be sent to the server when it has changed. This makes the convar accessible from server using Player:GetInfoNum and similar functions.
5 string helptext = ""
Help text to display in the console.
6 number min = nil
If set, the convar cannot be changed to a number lower than this value.
7 number max = nil
If set, the convar cannot be changed to a number higher than this value.


1 ConVar
Created convar.


Creates a ConVar that does nothing and saves.

CreateClientConVar("superspeed_enabled", "0", true, false)