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This object represents a .pcf ( Orange Box ) particle system. Created by Entity:CreateParticleEffect and CreateParticleSystem.


CNewParticleEffect:AddControlPoint( number cpID, Entity ent, number partAttachment, number entAttachment = 0, Vector offset = Vector( 0, 0, 0 ) )
Adds a control point to the particle system. This function will not work if the CNewParticleEffect:GetOwner entity is not valid
boolean CNewParticleEffect:GetAutoUpdateBBox()
string CNewParticleEffect:GetEffectName()
Returns the name of the particle effect this system is set to emit.
boolean CNewParticleEffect:GetHighestControlPoint()
Returns the highest control point number for given particle system.
Entity CNewParticleEffect:GetOwner()
Returns the owner of the particle system, the entity the particle system is attached to.
boolean CNewParticleEffect:IsFinished()
Returns whether the particle system has finished emitting particles or not.
boolean CNewParticleEffect:IsValid()
Returns whether the particle system is valid or not.
boolean CNewParticleEffect:IsViewModelEffect()
Returns whether the particle system is intended to be used on a view model?
Forces the particle system to render using current rendering context. Can be used to render the particle system in vgui panels, etc. Used in conjunction with CNewParticleEffect:SetShouldDraw.
Forces the particle system to restart emitting particles.
CNewParticleEffect:SetControlPoint( number cpID, Vector value )
Sets a value for given control point.
CNewParticleEffect:SetControlPointEntity( number child, Entity parent )
Sets an entity to given control point for particle to use.
CNewParticleEffect:SetControlPointForwardVector( number cpID, Vector forward )
Sets the forward direction for given control point.
CNewParticleEffect:SetControlPointOrientation( number cpID, Vector forward, Vector right, Vector up )
Sets the orientation for given control point.
CNewParticleEffect:SetControlPointParent( number child, number parent )
Essentially makes child control point follow the parent control point.
CNewParticleEffect:SetControlPointRightVector( number cpID, Vector right )
Sets the right direction for given control point.
CNewParticleEffect:SetControlPointUpVector( number cpID, Vector upward )
Sets the upward direction for given control point.
CNewParticleEffect:SetIsViewModelEffect( boolean isViewModel )
Set whether this particle effect is a view model effect or not. This will have an effect on attachment positioning and other things.
CNewParticleEffect:SetShouldDraw( boolean should )
Forces the particle system to stop automatically rendering. Used in conjunction with CNewParticleEffect:Render.
CNewParticleEffect:SetSortOrigin( Vector origin )
Sets the sort origin for given particle system. This is used as a helper to determine which particles are in front of which.
CNewParticleEffect:StartEmission( boolean infiniteOnly = false )
Starts the particle emission.
CNewParticleEffect:StopEmission( boolean infiniteOnly = false, boolean removeAllParticles = false, boolean wakeOnStop = false )
Stops the particle emission.
Stops particle emission and destroys all particles instantly. Also detaches the particle effect from the entity it was attached to. This function will work identically to CNewParticleEffect:StopEmission( false, true ) if CNewParticleEffect:GetOwner entity is not valid. Consider using CNewParticleEffect:StopEmission( false, true ) instead, which has same effect, but doesn't require owner entity, and does't detach the particle system from its entity.