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Information about a gamemode, used in .

While some of the fields may be serverside or clientside only, it is recommended to provide them on both so addons could use their values.


Name [string]

The fancy name of your gamemode.

Author [string]

The name/contact info of the gamemode author.

Email [string]

The contact email associated with the gamemode.

Website [string]

The website associated with the gamemode.

FolderName [string]

The name of the gamemode folder, automatically set.

Folder [string]

The name of the gamemode folder prepended with "gamemodes/" (such as "gamemodes/sandbox"), automatically set.

TeamBased [boolean]

Set this to true if your gamemode is team-based. Used to enable/disable the base gamemode team system.

IsSandboxDerived [boolean]

True if the gamemode is derived from sandbox.

ThisClass [string]

The name of the gamemode folder prepended with "gamemode_" (such as "gamemode_sandbox"), automatically set.

BaseClass [table]

The table of the base gamemode to derive from, set automatically by DeriveGamemode.

It is recommended to use DEFINE_BASECLASS when referencing the gamemode's BaseClass to prevent unintended behavior
DeriveGamemode modifies the main gamemode's BaseClass, which is shared with parent gamemodes. Because of this, in parent gamemodes the BaseClass can be incorrect, so for instance you need to use self.BaseClass.BaseClass in the 1st parent instead

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