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boolean tobool( any val )


Attempts to return an appropriate boolean for the given value


1 any val
The object to be converted to a boolean


1 boolean
false for the boolean false. false for "false". false for "0". false for numeric 0. false for nil. true otherwise.


Demonstrate the output of this function with various values.

print("boolean true:", tobool(true)) print("boolean false:", tobool(false)) print("string true:", tobool("true")) print("string false:", tobool("false")) print("numeric 0:", tobool(0)) print("string 0:", tobool("0")) print("string 1:", tobool("1")) print("nil:", tobool(nil)) print("text string:", tobool("not a boolean")) print("empty string:", tobool(""))
boolean true: true boolean false: false string true: true string false: false numeric 0: false string 0: false string 1: true nil: false text string: true empty string: true

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