Garry's Mod Wiki


  boolean tobool( any input )


Attempts to return an appropriate boolean for the given value


1 any input
The object to be converted to a boolean


1 boolean
  • false for the boolean false.
  • false for "false".
  • false for "0".
  • false for numeric 0.
  • false for nil.
  • true otherwise.


Demonstrate the output of this function with various values.

print("boolean true:", tobool(true)) print("boolean false:", tobool(false)) print("string true:", tobool("true")) print("string false:", tobool("false")) print("numeric 0:", tobool(0)) print("string 0:", tobool("0")) print("string 1:", tobool("1")) print("nil:", tobool(nil)) print("text string:", tobool("not a boolean")) print("empty string:", tobool("")) print("table:", tobool({"stuff"})) print("empty table:", tobool({}))
boolean true: true boolean false: false string true: true string false: false numeric 0: false string 0: false string 1: true nil: false text string: true empty string: true table: true empty table: true