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  Panel:LoadGWENFile( string filename, string path = "GAME" )


Loads a .gwen file (created by GWEN Designer) and calls Panel:LoadGWENString with the contents of the loaded file.

Used to load panel controls from a file.


1 string filename
The file to open. The path is relative to garrysmod/garrysmod/.
2 string path = "GAME"
The path used to look up the file.

  • "GAME" Structured like base folder (garrysmod/), searches all the mounted content (main folder, addons, mounted games etc)
  • "LUA" or "lsv" - All Lua folders (lua/) including gamesmodes and addons
  • "DATA" Data folder (garrysmod/data)
  • "MOD" Strictly the game folder (garrysmod/), ignores mounting.

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