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Enumerations used by NPC:Classify.


CLASS_NONE0None - default class for entities.
CLASS_PLAYER_ALLY2HL2 player allies - monster_barney, npc_citizen, hacked npc_manhack, and friendly npc_turret_floor.
CLASS_PLAYER_ALLY_VITAL3HL2 vital player allies - npc_magnusson, npc_gman, npc_fisherman, npc_eli, npc_barney, npc_kleiner, npc_mossman, npc_alyx, npc_monk, npc_dog, and npc_vortigaunt at the end of EP2 (controlled by "MakeGameEndAlly" input).
CLASS_ANTLION4HL2 antlions - npc_antlion, npc_antlionguard, and npc_ichthyosaur.
CLASS_BARNACLE5HL2 barnacles - npc_barnacle.
CLASS_BULLSEYE6HL2 bullseyes - npc_bullseye.
CLASS_CITIZEN_PASSIVE7HL2 passive/non-rebel citizens - npc_citizen in the beginning of HL2.
CLASS_COMBINE9HL2 combine troops - npc_combine, npc_advisor, apc_missile, npc_apcdriver, hostile npc_turret_floor, hostile npc_rollermine, npc_turret_ground when active, npc_turret_ceiling when active, and npc_strider when active (not being carried by the gunship).
CLASS_COMBINE_GUNSHIP10HL2 combine aircrafts - npc_combinegunship, npc_combinedropship, and npc_helicopter.
CLASS_HEADCRAB12HL2 headcrabs - visible npc_headcrab.
CLASS_MANHACK13HL2 manhacks - hostile npc_manhack not held by the gravity gun.
CLASS_METROPOLICE14HL2 metro police - npc_metropolice and npc_vehicledriver.
CLASS_MILITARY15HL2 combine military objects - func_guntarget, npc_spotlight, and active npc_combine_camera.
CLASS_SCANNER16HL2 combine scanners - npc_cscanner and npc_clawscanner.
CLASS_STALKER17HL2 stalkers - npc_stalker.
CLASS_VORTIGAUNT18HL2 vortigaunts - npc_vortigaunt before the end of EP2 (controlled by "MakeGameEndAlly" input).
CLASS_ZOMBIE19HL2 zombies - unslumped npc_zombie, npc_poisonzombie, npc_fastzombie, npc_fastzombie_torso, and npc_zombine.
CLASS_PROTOSNIPER20HL2 snipers - npc_sniper and proto_sniper.
CLASS_MISSILE21HL2 missiles - rpg_missile, apc_missile, and grenade_pathfollower.
CLASS_FLARE22HL2 flares - env_flare.
CLASS_EARTH_FAUNA23HL2 animals - npc_crow, npc_seagull, and npc_pigeon.
CLASS_HACKED_ROLLERMINE24HL2 friendly rollermines - hacked npc_rollermine.
CLASS_COMBINE_HUNTER25HL2 hunters - npc_hunter.
CLASS_MACHINE26HL:S turrets - monster_turret, monster_miniturret, monster_sentry.
CLASS_HUMAN_PASSIVE27HL:S friendly humans - monster_scientist.
CLASS_HUMAN_MILITARY28HL:S human military - monster_human_grunt and monster_apache.
CLASS_ALIEN_MILITARY29HL:S alien military - monster_alien_controller, monster_vortigaunt, monster_alien_grunt, monster_nihilanth, and monster_snark if it has an enemy of class CLASS_PLAYER, CLASS_HUMAN_PASSIVE, or CLASS_HUMAN_MILITARY.
CLASS_ALIEN_MONSTER30HL:S monsters - monster_tentacle, monster_barnacle, monster_zombie, monster_gargantua, monster_houndeye, monster_ichthyosaur, and monster_bigmomma.
CLASS_ALIEN_PREY31HL:S headcrabs - monster_headcrab.
CLASS_ALIEN_PREDATOR32HL:S alien predators - monster_bullsquid, xen_tree, and xen_hull.
CLASS_INSECT33HL:S insects - montser_roach and monster_leech.
CLASS_PLAYER_BIOWEAPON34HL:S player bioweapons - hornet fired by a player.
CLASS_ALIEN_BIOWEAPON35HL:S enemy bioweapons - hornet fired by anyone but a player, or monster_snark with no enemy or an enemy without the class CLASS_PLAYER, CLASS_HUMAN_PASSIVE, or CLASS_HUMAN_MILITARY.