Garry's Mod Wiki




FL_ONGROUND1Is the entity on ground or not
FL_DUCKING2Is player ducking or not
FL_ANIMDUCKING4Is the player in the process of ducking or standing up
FL_WATERJUMP8The player is jumping out of water
FL_ONTRAIN16This player is controlling a func_train
FL_INRAIN32Indicates the entity is standing in rain
FL_FROZEN64Completely freezes the player

Bots will still be able to look around.
FL_ATCONTROLS128This player is controlling something UI related in the world, this prevents his movement, but doesn't freeze mouse movement, jumping, etc.
FL_CLIENT256Is this entity a player or not
FL_FAKECLIENT512Bots have this flag
FL_INWATER1024Is the player in water or not
FL_FLY2048This entity can fly
FL_SWIM4096This entity can swim
FL_CONVEYOR8192This entity is a func_conveyor
FL_NPC16384NPCs have this flag (NPC: Ignore player push)
FL_GODMODE32768Whether the player has god mode enabled
FL_NOTARGET65536Makes the entity invisible to AI
FL_AIMTARGET131072This entity can be aimed at
FL_PARTIALGROUND262144Not all corners are valid
FL_STATICPROP524288It's a static prop
FL_GRAPHED1048576worldgraph has this ent listed as something that blocks a connection
FL_GRENADE2097152This entity is a grenade, unused
FL_STEPMOVEMENT4194304Changes the SV_Movestep() behavior to not do any processing
FL_DONTTOUCH8388608Doesn't generate touch functions, calls ENTITY:EndTouch when this flag gets set during a touch callback
FL_BASEVELOCITY16777216Base velocity has been applied this frame (used to convert base velocity into momentum)
FL_WORLDBRUSH33554432This entity is a brush and part of the world
FL_OBJECT67108864This entity can be seen by NPCs
FL_KILLME134217728This entity is about to get removed
FL_ONFIRE268435456This entity is on fire
FL_DISSOLVING536870912The entity is currently dissolving
FL_TRANSRAGDOLL1073741824This entity is about to become a ragdoll
FL_UNBLOCKABLE_BY_PLAYER-2147483648This moving door can't be blocked by the player