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  table util.JSONToTable( string json, boolean ignoreLimits = false, boolean ignoreConversions = false )


Converts a JSON string to a Lua table.

This will attempt to cast the string keys "inf", "nan", "true", and "false" to their respective Lua values. This completely ignores nulls in arrays.

Issue Tracker: 3561
Colors will not have the color metatable.

Issue Tracker: 2407


1 string json
The JSON string to convert.
2 boolean ignoreLimits = false
ignore the depth and breadth limits, use at your own risk!.

If this is false, there is a limit of 15,000 keys total.
3 boolean ignoreConversions = false
ignore string to number conversions for table keys.

if this is false, keys are converted to numbers wherever possible. This means using Player:SteamID64 as keys won't work.


1 table
The table containing converted information. Returns nothing on failure.