Garry's Mod Wiki


  BroadcastLua( string code )


Sends the specified Lua code to all connected clients and executes it.

If you need to use this function more than once, consider using net library. Send net message and make the entire code you want to execute in net.Receive on client.
If executed clientside it won't do anything.


1 string code
The code to be executed. Capped at length of 254 characters.


Print "Hello World!" in the clients' console

BroadcastLua( "print( 'Hello World!' )" )
Output: Hello World!


If you try to send more than 254 characters, the function won't error, but an engine message will be printed to the console

BroadcastLua( string.rep( "a", 256 ) )
Output: (Printed to console) DLL_MessageEnd: Refusing to send user message LuaCmd of 256 bytes to client, user message size limit is 255 bytes