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  Derma_Install_Convar_Functions( Panel target )


Makes the panel (usually an input of sorts) respond to changes in console variables by adding next functions to the panel:

The console variable value is saved in the m_strConVar property of the panel.

The panel should call Panel:ConVarStringThink or Panel:ConVarNumberThink in its PANEL:Think hook and should call Panel:ConVarChanged when the panel's value has changed.


1 Panel target
The panel the functions should be added to.


Adds the functions to a panel (snippet of vgui/dcheckbox.lua)

local PANEL = {} Derma_Install_Convar_Functions( PANEL ) function PANEL:Init() -- Init function here end function PANEL:Think() self:ConVarStringThink() end
Output: The PANEL table now contains the functions SetConVar, ConVarChanged, ConVarStringThink and ConVarNumberThink (and an Init function and a Think function)