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  Entity:CreateBoneFollowers( table bone_whitelist = nil )


Creates bone followers based on the current entity model.

Bone followers are physics objects that follow the visual mesh. This is what is used by prop_dynamic for things like big combine doors for vehicles with multiple physics objects which follow the visual mesh of the door when it animates.

Be mindful that bone followers create a separate entity (phys_bone_follower) for each physics object.

You must call Entity:UpdateBoneFollowers every tick for bone followers to update their positions.

This function only works on anim type entities.

nextbot and ai will be supported in the next update.


1 table bone_whitelist = nil
If set, a whitelist of bone names to create bone followers for. If a models' bone name is not in this list, a bone follower entity will not be created for it.
This was recently added in version (2024.05.14). It might only be available on the Dev Branch right now.