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This page describes all default fields for a player class.


DisplayName [string]

The 'nice' name of the player class for display in User Interface and such.

WalkSpeed [number]

How fast to move when not running

Default: 400

RunSpeed [number]

How fast to move when running/sprinting

Default: 600

SlowWalkSpeed [number]

How fast to move when slow walking, which is activated via the +walk keybind.

Default: 200

CrouchedWalkSpeed [number]

Multiply walk speed by this when crouching

Default: 0.3

DuckSpeed [number]

How fast to go from not ducking, to ducking

Default: 0.3

UnDuckSpeed [number]

How fast to go from ducking, to not ducking

Default: 0.3

JumpPower [number]

How powerful a jump should be

Default: 200

CanUseFlashlight [boolean]

Can the player use the flashlight

Default: true

MaxHealth [number]

Max health we can have

Default: 100

MaxArmor [number]

Max armor the player can have

Default: 0

StartHealth [number]

How much health we start with

Default: 100

StartArmor [number]

How much armour we start with

Default: 0

DropWeaponOnDie [boolean]

Do we drop our weapon when we die

Default: false

TeammateNoCollide [boolean]

Do we collide with teammates or run straight through them

Default: true

AvoidPlayers [boolean]

Automatically swerves around other players

Default: true

UseVMHands [boolean]

Uses viewmodel hands

Default: true