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Server Operator Rules

This page describes rules that all server owners/operators must abide to.

Violating these rules will get your server blacklisted.

The rules

Last updated: 10 May 2021.

For majority of the time common sense applies. Do not try to look for loopholes in the rules.

If you are unsure if something is allowed or not (it probably isn't if you have to ask), feel free to write to the email below.

Facepunch server guidelines

Your server must not violate the general Community Server and Hosting Guidelines.

Sexual violence

Any form of sexual violence on Garry's Mod servers is disallowed.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • 'Rape' SWEPs or other sexual violence gameplay/roleplay jobs
  • Audiovisual content of minors which is illegal
  • Audiovisual content (including in-game models/props) displaying any form of sexual violence

Any other form of NSFW/18+ content should be behind a consent warning before the content is question can be seen, akin to those on websites with such content. A message on loading screen is not enough, the player has to be able to press the "Yes I am ok with seeing such content" button or disconnect, not on a timer implied by a loading screen.

Server information

Do not fake server information. This mostly means player count, but other data also applies.

If you are using any sort of "DDoS mitigation" that affects server info such as ping, first of all you should fix it to display correct information, but at the very least make sure you set correct sv_location for your server. You can find more information about this console variable here. The location flag must not be different for a single server visible in different regions.

Malicious actions

Malicious actions towards server's players are not allowed for any reason.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Wiping/corrupting players' data/ folder, or the clientside SQL database
  • Filling players' data/ folder with useless files or illegal content
  • Altering players' customizable spawnlists or presets in any way
    • Safely hiding customizable content and displaying custom content instead is permitted
  • Crashing players' game on purpose
  • Preventing players from leaving the server via custom "main menus"
  • Force showing illegal or inappropriate content
  • Releasing private information about a player to the public (IP addresses, real names, pictures, etc)

I am a player and I disagree with actions of administration on a server I play on

If you do not agree with a kick/ban reason, you can play on a different server.

All Garry's Mod servers are hosted by the community. Your access to community server(s) is at the discretion of their administration.

My server was blacklisted, what do I do?

Do not try to circumvent the blacklist. This just makes you look more guilty.

Look through each rule and see which one your server violates.

You can write to to appeal a server blacklist or to simply ask for more information regarding this topic.