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  number Vector:DistToSqr( Vector otherVec )


Returns the squared distance of 2 vectors, this is quicker to call than Vector:Distance as DistToSqr does not need to calculate the square root, which is an expensive process.

Squared distances should not be summed. If you need to sum distances, use Vector:Distance.

When performing a distance check, ensure the distance being checked against is squared. See example code below.


1 Vector otherVec
The vector to calculate the distance to.


1 number
Squared distance to the vector.


Checks if a player is within dist units of another player in the most efficient way possible.

function PlayerWithinBounds( ply, target, dist ) -- Square the input distance in order to perform our distance check on Source units. local distSqr = dist * dist return ply:GetPos():DistToSqr( target:GetPos() ) < distSqr end print( PlayerWithinBounds( Entity(1), Entity(2), 500 ) )