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  DBubbleContainer:OpenForPos( number x, number y, number w, number h )


Sets the speech bubble position and size along with the dialog point position.


1 number x
The x position of the dialog point. If this is set to a value greater than half of the set width, the entire bubble container will be moved in addition to the dialog point.
2 number y
The y position of the bubble container. Has no effect unless set to a value greater than the set height + 64 pixels.
3 number w
The width of the bubble container.
4 number h
The height of the bubble container.


Creates a bubble container that properly fits a 200x200 background panel.

-- Length and width of background panel local size = 200 -- Background panel BGPanel = vgui.Create("DPanel") BGPanel:SetSize(size, size) BGPanel:Center() local bubble1 = vgui.Create("DBubbleContainer", BGPanel) -- x = 100 (Set pointer in the middle of the speech bubble) -- y = 0 (Don't adjust height) -- w = 180 (20 pixel right margin) -- h = 184 (16 pixel bottom margin) bubble1:OpenForPos(size/2, 0, size-20, size-16)