Garry's Mod Wiki


  PhysObj:UpdateShadow( Vector targetPosition, Angle targetAngles, number frameTime )


Unlike PhysObj:SetPos and PhysObj:SetAngles, this allows the movement of a physobj while leaving physics interactions intact.
This is used internally by the motion controller of the Gravity Gun , the +use pickup and the Physics Gun, and entities such as the crane.

This is the ideal function to move a physics shadow created with Entity:PhysicsInitShadow or Entity:MakePhysicsObjectAShadow.


1 Vector targetPosition
The position we should move to.
2 Angle targetAngles
The angle we should rotate towards.
3 number frameTime
The frame time to use for this movement, can be generally filled with FrameTime or ENTITY:PhysicsSimulate with the deltaTime.

Can be set to 0 when you need to update the physics object just once.