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Enumerations used by GetRenderTargetEx. Clientside only.


RT_SIZE_NO_CHANGE0Only allowed for render targets that don't want a depth buffer (because if they have a depth buffer, the render target must be less than or equal to the size of the framebuffer).
RT_SIZE_DEFAULT1Don't play with the specified width and height other than making sure it fits in the framebuffer.
RT_SIZE_PICMIP2Apply picmip to the render target's width and height.
RT_SIZE_HDR3frame_buffer_width / 4
RT_SIZE_FULL_FRAME_BUFFER4Same size as frame buffer, or next lower power of 2 if we can't do that.
RT_SIZE_OFFSCREEN5Target of specified size, don't mess with dimensions
RT_SIZE_FULL_FRAME_BUFFER_ROUNDED_UP6Same size as the frame buffer, rounded up if necessary for systems that can't do non-power of two textures.
RT_SIZE_REPLAY_SCREENSHOT7Rounded down to power of 2, essentially
RT_SIZE_LITERAL8Use the size passed in. Don't clamp it to the frame buffer size. Really.
RT_SIZE_LITERAL_PICMIP9Use the size passed in, don't clamp to the frame buffer size, but do apply picmip restrictions.