Garry's Mod Wiki


  language.Add( string placeholder, string fulltext )


Adds a language item. Language placeholders preceded with "#" are replaced with full text in Garry's Mod once registered with this function.


1 string placeholder
The key for this phrase, without the preceding "#".
2 string fulltext
The phrase that should be displayed whenever this key is used.


Small excerpt from a TOOL named cooltool. It has been registered as cooltool.

language.Add("", "The really cool tool") language.Add("tool.cooltool.desc", "Do some random cool stuff.") language.Add("tool.cooltool.0", "Left-click: Cool Stuff. Right-click: Nothing.") language.Add("Undone_cooltool", "Cool stuff has been undone.")
  • When the player presses undo, Cool stuff has been undone will be shown.
  • The cooltool's name will be The really cool tool.
  • Below that, where the description is shown, Do some random cool stuff. will be shown.
  • Below that, where the instructions or additional notes for the tool are shown, it will display Left-click: Cool Stuff. Right-click: Nothing..