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language.Add( string placeholder, string fulltext )


Adds a language item. Language placeholders preceded with "#" are replaced with full text in Garry's Mod once registered with this function.


1 string placeholder
The key for this phrase, without the preceding "#".
2 string fulltext
The phrase that should be displayed whenever this key is used.


Small excerpt from a STOOL named cooltool. It has been registered as cooltool.

language.Add("Tool_cooltool_name", "The really cool tool") language.Add("Tool_cooltool_desc", "Do some random cool stuff.") language.Add("Tool_cooltool_0", "Left-click: Cool Stuff. Right-click: Nothing.") language.Add("Undone_cooltool", "Cool stuff has been undone.")
Output: When the player presses undo, "Cool stuff has been undone" will be shown. The cooltool's name will be "The really cool tool". Below that, where the description is shown, "Do some random cool stuff." will be shown. Below that, where the instructions or additional notes for the tool are shown, it will display "Left-click: Cool Stuff. Right-click: Nothing.".

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