Garry's Mod Wiki

Wiki Search Tags

This wiki supports searching for pages based on the page tags, or in other words, what they identify as.

If you're searching all pages of a type without a search term, you'll need to type spaces after the tag. Use two spaces if you're using only one tag, one space for two tags.

Inclusive search

All pages without a realm tag will also be included.

is:sv or is:server will search for pages about topics in the server realm.

is:cl or is:client will search for pages about topics in the client realm.

is:mn or is:menu will search for pages about topics in the menu realm.

Datatype Search

is:global will search for global functions and variables.

is:struct will search for structs.

is:enum will search for enumerations.

is:event will search for hooks.

is:field will search for fields, i.e. math.huge.

Extra search tags

is:new will search for recently added functions and hooks

is:depr or is:deprecated for pages marked as deprecated

is:internal for pages marked as internal

Exclusive Search

You can also exclude search all the same tags, like so:

not:sv/not:server will not show all server realm pages.

not:cl/not:client will not show all client realm pages.

not:mn/not:menu will not show all menu realm pages.