Garry's Mod Wiki


  boolean GM:PreDrawOpaqueRenderables( boolean isDrawingDepth, boolean isDrawSkybox, boolean isDraw3DSkybox )


Called before all opaque entities are drawn.

See also GM:PreDrawTranslucentRenderables and GM:PostDrawOpaqueRenderables.

This is a rendering hook which provides a 3d rendering context.


1 boolean isDrawingDepth
Whether the current draw is writing depth.
2 boolean isDrawSkybox
Whether the current draw is drawing the 3D or 2D skybox.

In case of 2D skyboxes it is possible for this hook to always be called with this parameter set to true.

3 boolean isDraw3DSkybox
Whether the current draw is drawing the 3D.


1 boolean
Return true to prevent opaque renderables from drawing.