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  function GWEN.CreateTextureCentered( number x, number y, number w, number h, IMaterial mat_override = null )


Used in derma skins to create a rectangle drawing function from an image. The rectangle will not be scaled, but instead it will be drawn in the center of the box. The texture is taken from SKIN.GwenTexture when mat_override it's not defined


1 number x
The X coordinate on the texture
2 number y
The Y coordinate on the texture
3 number w
Width of the area on texture
4 number h
Height of the area on texture
5 IMaterial mat_override = null
Optional. Sets the material this function will use


1 function
The drawing function. Arguments are: number x - X coordinate for the box

number y - Y coordinate for the box

number w - Width of the box

number h - Height of the box

table clr - Optional color, default is white. Uses the Color


Draws a box in the top left corner of the screen using current skins texture.

local paintBox = GWEN.CreateTextureCentered( 384, 32, 32, 32 ) hook.Add( "HUDPaint", "PaintStuff", function() paintBox( 0, 0, 100, 100 ) end )
Output: If using default skin, it will be 32x32 transparent blue box centered inside the 100x100 box.