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boolean, vararg pcall( function func, vararg arguments )


Calls a function and catches an error that can be thrown while the execution of the call.

Using this function with include will break autorefresh.

Issue Tracker: 1976
This cannot stop errors from hooks called from the engine.

Issue Tracker: 2036
This does not stop Error and ErrorNoHalt from sending error messages to the server (if called clientside) or calling the GM:OnLuaError hook. The success boolean returned will always return true and thus you will not get the error message returned. error does not exhibit these behaviours.

Issue Tracker: 2498
This does not stop errors incurred by include.

Issue Tracker: 3112


1 function func
Function to be executed and of which the errors should be caught of
2 vararg arguments
Arguments to call the function with.


1 boolean
If the function had no errors occur within it.
2 vararg
If an error occurred, this will be a string containing the error message. Otherwise, this will be the return values of the function passed in.


Catch an error.

local succ, err = pcall(function() aisj() end) print(succ, err)
Output: false attempt to call global 'aisj' (a nil value)

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