Garry's Mod Wiki


  string file.Read( string fileName, string gamePath = "GAME or DATA" )


Returns the content of a file.

Beware of casing -- some filesystems are case-sensitive. SRCDS on Linux seems to force file/directory creation to lowercase, but will not modify read operations.


1 string fileName
The name of the file.
2 string gamePath = "GAME or DATA"
The path to look for the files and directories in. If this argument is set to true then the path will be GAME, otherwise if the argument is false or nil then the path will be DATA. See this list for a list of valid paths.


1 string
The data from the file as a string, or nil if the file isn't found.


Prints out the content of helloworld.txt.

print( file.Read( "helloworld.txt", "DATA" ) )
This is the content!