Garry's Mod Wiki


  any gamemode.Call( string name, ... )


Called by the engine to call a hook within the loaded gamemode.

The supplied event 'name' must be defined in the active gamemode. Otherwise, nothing will happen - not even hooks added with hook.Add will be called.

This is similar to hook.Run and hook.Call, except the hook library will call hooks created with hook.Add even if there is no corresponding gamemode function.


1 string name
The name of the hook to call.
2 vararg args
The arguments


1 any
The result of the hook function - can be up to 6 values. Returns false if the gamemode function doesn't exist (i.e. nothing happened), but remember - a hook can also return false.


Shows a suicide death notice in Sandbox.

local ply = Entity(1) gamemode.Call( "AddDeathNotice", ply:GetName(), ply:Team(), nil, ply:GetName(), ply:Team() )