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  PANEL:GenerateExample( string class, Panel dpropertysheet, number width, number height )


Called when the panel should generate example use case / example code to use for this panel. Used in the panel opened by derma_controls console command.


1 string class
The classname of the panel to generate example for. This will be the class name of your panel.
2 Panel dpropertysheet
A DPropertySheet to add your example to. See examples below.
3 number width
Width of the property sheet?
4 number height
Width of the property sheet?


Example usage of this hook from DButton's code.

function PANEL:GenerateExample( ClassName, PropertySheet, Width, Height ) local ctrl = vgui.Create( ClassName ) ctrl:SetText( "Example Button" ) ctrl:SetWide( 200 ) PropertySheet:AddSheet( ClassName, ctrl, nil, true, true ) end derma.DefineControl( "DButton", "A standard Button", PANEL, "DLabel" )
Output: A tab named "DButton" will appear in derma_controls menu.