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DHTML:AddFunction History

5 Months Ago
DHTML:AddFunction - Minor Change
by Rubat
12 Months Ago
DHTML:AddFunction - Added Menu State
1 Year Ago
DHTML:AddFunction - More precisions on supported variable types + Better formatting + Note that async callbacks are a Chromium / x86-64 branch feature
by Bell
DHTML:AddFunction - Precise that multiple return values can be used
by Bell
DHTML:AddFunction - Added an example on how to use return values from Lua functions, thanks to an example from Willox in a GitHub issue
by Bell
3 Years Ago
DHTML:AddFunction - Example changes + add source link
by Florian
4 Years Ago
DHTML:AddFunction - Fixed the link
DHTML:AddFunction - No change reason was given
by gmwikiimport