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AddCSLuaFile History

11 Months Ago
Global.AddCSLuaFile - can please stop editing things that dont need editing
Global.AddCSLuaFile - undo my change
Global.AddCSLuaFile - Added all paths. (Found them in CLuaManager::Startup)
Global.AddCSLuaFile - Code changes
4 Years Ago
Global.AddCSLuaFile - Minor Change + Minor Change
by Vac
Global.AddCSLuaFile - Merge notes/warnings
by Florian
Global.AddCSLuaFile - AddCSLuaChange on the 3rd example description
Global.AddCSLuaFile - mention filesize
by Rubat
Global.AddCSLuaFile - Spacing example
by Florian
Global.AddCSLuaFile - Change some points of last changes + formatting + Add include warning about file names.
by Florian
Global.AddCSLuaFile - Make AddCSLuaFile example for new people to understand more
Global.AddCSLuaFile - Wasted 40 minutes of life
Global.AddCSLuaFile - No change reason was given
by Html Fixer
5 Years Ago
Global.AddCSLuaFile - No change reason was given
by gmwikiimport