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<function name="SetMultiline" parent="DTextEntry" type="panelfunc">⤶ <ispanel>yes</ispanel>⤶ <description>Enables or disables the multi-line functionality of <page>DTextEntry</page>.</description>⤶ <realm>Client and Menu</realm>⤶ <args>⤶ <arg name="multiline" type="boolean">Whether to enable multiline or not.</arg>⤶ </args>⤶ </function>⤶ ⤶ <example>⤶ <description>⤶ </description>⤶ <code>⤶ concommand.Add( "test_textentry", function(ply)⤶ local frame = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )⤶ frame:SetSize( 400, 200 )⤶ frame:Center()⤶ frame:MakePopup()⤶ ⤶ local TextEntry = vgui.Create( "DTextEntry", frame ) -- create the form as a child of frame⤶ TextEntry:Dock( FILL )⤶ TextEntry:SetMultiline( true )⤶ TextEntry.OnChange = function( self )⤶ chat.AddText( self:GetValue() ) -- print the textentry text as a chat message⤶ end⤶ ⤶ end )⤶ </code>⤶ </example>