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<function name="WriteString" parent="net" type="libraryfunc"> <description>Appends a string to the current net message. The size of the string is 8 bits plus 8 bits for every ASCII character in the string. The maximum allowed length of a single written string is **65532 characters**.</description> <realm>Shared</realm> <args> <arg name="string" type="string">The string to be sent.</arg> </args> </function> <example> <description>Sends a message to all the clients</description> <description>Sends a message to all the clients.</description> <code> -- Server util.AddNetworkString( "SendMessage" ) net.Start( "SendMessage" ) net.WriteString("Hello World!") net.WriteString( "Hello World!" ) net.Broadcast() -- Client net.Receive( "SendMessage", function( len ) local message = net.ReadString() chat.AddText(Color(255,255,255), message) chat.AddText( color_white, message ) end ) </code> </example>