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<function name="Explode" parent="string" type="libraryfunc"> <description> Splits a string up wherever it finds the given separator. This is the reverse of <page>string.Implode</page>. </description> <realm>Shared and Menu</realm> <file line="81">lua/includes/extensions/string.lua</file> <args> <arg name="separator" type="string">The string will be separated wherever this sequence is found.</arg> <arg name="str" type="string">The string to split up.</arg> <arg name="use_patterns" type="boolean">Set this to true if your separator is a [pattern](/gmod/Patterns).</arg> </args> <rets> <ret name="" type="table">Exploded string as a numerical sequential table.</ret> </rets> </function> <example> <description>Splits a sentence into a table of the words in it.</description> <code> local sentence = "hello there my name is Player1" local words = string.Explode( " ", sentence ) PrintTable( words ) </code> <outputfixedwidth>Fixed width</outputfixedwidth> <output> 1 = hello 2 = there 3 = my 4 = name 5 = is 6 = Player1 </output> </example> <example> <description>Uses Explode to sort through words that a player says.</description> <code> hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "GiveHealth", function( ply, text ) local playerInput = string.Explode( " ", text ) if ( playerInput[1] == "!givehealth" ) then if ( tonumber( playerInput[2] ) ) then ply:SetHealth( tonumber( playerInput[2] ) ) print( ply:Nick() .. " set their health to " .. playerInput[2] ) end end end) </code> <outputfixedwidth>Fixed width</outputfixedwidth> <output>Player1 set their health to 100.</output> </example>