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<function name="OnChange" parent="DRGBPicker" type="panelfunc"> <ispanel>yes</ispanel> <description>Function which is called when the cursor is clicked and/or moved on the color picker. Meant to be overridden.</description> <realm>Client</realm> <args> <arg name="col" type="table">The color that is selected on the color picker (&lt;page&gt;Color&lt;/page&gt; form).</arg> </args> </function> <example> <description>Creates a color picker which controls the color of a ball image.</description> <code> -- Frame MainFrame = vgui.Create("DFrame") MainFrame:SetSize(200, 200) MainFrame:Center() MainFrame:SetTitle("Pick a color") -- Image of a ball local ball_img = vgui.Create("DImage", MainFrame) ball_img:SetPos(20, 45) ball_img:SetSize(128, 128) ball_img:SetImage("sprites/sent_ball") -- Vertical color picker local color_picker = vgui.Create("DRGBPicker", MainFrame) color_picker:SetPos(165, 30) color_picker:SetSize(25, 150) function color_picker:OnChange(col) ball_img:SetImageColor(col) end </code> <output></output> </example>