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<function name="AngleRand" parent="Global" type="libraryfunc"> <description>Returns an angle with a randomized pitch, yaw, and roll between min(inclusive), max(exclusive).</description> <realm>Shared and Menu</realm> <file line="100-L102">lua/includes/util.lua</file> <args> <arg name="min" type="number" default="-90 for pitch, -180 for yaw and roll">Min bound inclusive.</arg> <arg name="max" type="number" default="90 for pitch, 180 for yaw and roll">Max bound exclusive.</arg> </args> <rets> <ret name="" type="Angle">The randomly generated angle.</ret> </rets> </function> <example> <description>Prints out a random angle.</description> <code>print( AngleRand() )</code> <output>-6.949 113.388 130.879</output> </example>

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