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<function name="IsAdmin" parent="Player" type="classfunc"> <description>Returns whether the player is an admin or not.</description> <realm>Shared</realm> <file line="5-L14">lua/includes/extensions/player_auth.lua</file> <rets> <ret name="" type="boolean">True if the player is an admin.</ret> </rets> </function> <example> <description>Every time a player spawns, print in the console whether they are an admin.</description> <code> hook.Add( "PlayerSpawn", "PrintIfAdmin", function( ply ) if ( ply:IsAdmin() ) then print( "It's true, " .. ply:Nick() .. " is an admin" ) else print( "It's false, " .. ply:Nick() .. " is not an admin" ) end end ) </code> <outputfixedwidth>Fixed width</outputfixedwidth> <output> ``` It's true, Alice is an admin. It's false, Bob is not an admin. ``` </output> </example>