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<function name="GetNPCBulletSpread" parent="WEAPON" type="hook"> <ishook>yes</ishook> <description> Called when the weapon is used by NPCs to determine how accurate the bullets fired should be. The inaccuracy is simulated by changing the <page>NPC:GetAimVector</page> based on the value returned from this hook. </description> <realm>Server</realm> <predicted>No</predicted> <args> <arg name="proficiency" type="number">How proficient the NPC is with this gun. See &lt;page&gt;WEAPON_PROFICIENCY&lt;/page&gt;</arg> </args> <rets> <ret name="" type="number">An amount of degrees the bullets should deviate from the NPC's <page>NPC:GetAimVector</page>. Default is 15.</ret> </rets> </function>