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<function name="DoGeneric" parent="duplicator" type="libraryfunc"> <description> "Applies generic every-day entity stuff for ent from table data." Depending on the values of Model, Angle, Pos, Skin, Flex, Bonemanip, ModelScale, ColGroup, Name, and BodyG (<page>table</page> of multiple values) in the data table, this calls <page>Entity:SetModel</page>, <page>Entity:SetAngles</page>, <page>Entity:SetPos</page>, <page>Entity:SetSkin</page>, <page>duplicator.DoFlex</page>, <page>duplicator.DoBoneManipulator</page>, <page>Entity:SetModelScale</page>, <page>Entity:SetCollisionGroup</page>, <page>Entity:SetName</page>, <page>Entity:SetBodygroup</page> on ent. If ent has a RestoreNetworkVars function, it is called with data.DT. </description> <realm>Server</realm> <args> <arg name="ent" type="Entity">The entity to be applied upon</arg> <arg name="data" type="table">The data to be applied onto the entity</arg> </args> </function>

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