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<function name="Iterator" parent="player" type="libraryfunc">⤶ <description>⤶ Returns an iterator for all players on the server.⤶ ⤶ This will be quite a bit faster than <page>player.GetAll</page>, especially when using the `break` keyword.⤶ </description>⤶ <added>2023.10.13</added>⤶ <realm>Shared</realm>⤶ <rets>⤶ <ret name="" type="function">Iterator function</ret>⤶ <ret name="" type="table">Table of all existing <page>Player</page>s.</ret>⤶ <ret name="" type="number">Will always be 0. Start index?</ret>⤶ </rets>⤶ </function>⤶ ⤶ ⤶ <example>⤶ <description>Example usage of this function.</description>⤶ <code>⤶ for i, ply in player.Iterator() do⤶ print( ply )⤶ end⤶ </code>⤶ <output>Prints out all players to the console.</output>⤶ ⤶ </example>