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<function name="Simple" parent="timer" type="libraryfunc"> <description> Creates a simple timer that runs the given function after a specified delay. For a more advanced version that you can control after creation, see <page>timer.Create</page>. ⤶ <note>Timers use <page>Global.CurTime</page> for timing.</note>⤶ <note>Timers won't advance while server is empty unless sv_hibernate_think 1</note>⤶ <warning>Timers won't advance while the client is timing out from the server.</warning>⤶ </description>⤶ ⤶ <warning>Timers use <page>Global.CurTime</page> internally. Due to this, they won't advance while the client is timing out from the server or on an empty dedicated server due to hibernation. (unless sv_hibernate_think is set to 1)</warning></description>⤶ <realm>Shared and Menu</realm> <args> <arg name="delay" type="number">How long until the function should be ran (in seconds). Use 0 to have the function run in the next <page>GM:Think</page>.</arg> <arg name="func" type="function">The function to run after the specified delay.</arg> </args> </function> <example> <description>Print "Hello World" after 5 seconds.</description> <code>timer.Simple( 5, function() print( "Hello World" ) end )</code> <output>Hello World</output> </example> <example> <description>Spawns 5 zombies and creates a timer.Simple that removes them in 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 seconds.</description> <code> for i = 1, 5 do local zombie = ents.Create("npc_zombie") zombie:SetPos( Vector( i*40, 0 , 250 ) ) zombie:SetPos( Vector( i * 40, 0 , 250 ) ) zombie:Spawn() timer.Simple( 10 + i, function() zombie:Remove() end ) end </code> <output> --11 seconds into game 1st zombie disappears --12 seconds into game 2nd zombie disappears etc. </output> </example>