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<panel> <name>DPanel</name> <parent>Panel</parent> <realm>Client and Menu</realm> <file line="">lua/vgui/dpanel.lua</file>⤶ <description>A simple rectangular box, commonly used for parenting other elements to. Pretty much all elements are based on this.</description> </panel> <example> <description>Creates a DPanel and adds a <page>DLabel</page> to it</description> <code> local DPanel = vgui.Create( "DPanel" ) DPanel:SetPos( 10, 30 ) -- Set the position of the panel DPanel:SetSize( 200, 200 ) -- Set the size of the panel local DLabel = vgui.Create( "DLabel", DPanel ) DLabel:SetPos( 10, 10 ) -- Set the position of the label DLabel:SetText( "I'm a DLabel inside a DPanel! :)" ) -- Set the text of the label DLabel:SizeToContents() -- Size the label to fit the text in it DLabel:SetDark( 1 ) -- Set the colour of the text inside the label to a darker one </code> <output><image src="DPanel_large.png"/></output> </example>