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<enum> <realm>Server</realm> <description>Enumerations used by <page>NPC:SetNPCState</page>. Serverside only.</description> <items> <item key="NPC_STATE_INVALID" value="-1">Invalid state</item> <item key="NPC_STATE_NONE" value="0">NPC default state</item> <item key="NPC_STATE_IDLE" value="1">NPC is idle</item> <item key="NPC_STATE_ALERT" value="2">NPC is alert and searching for enemies</item> <item key="NPC_STATE_COMBAT" value="3">NPC is in combat</item> <item key="NPC_STATE_SCRIPT" value="4">NPC is executing scripted sequence</item> <item key="NPC_STATE_PLAYDEAD" value="5">NPC is playing dead (used for expressions)</item> <item key="NPC_STATE_PRONE" value="6">NPC is prone to death</item> <item key="NPC_STATE_DEAD" value="7">NPC is dead</item> </items> </enum>

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