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<function name="PlayerDroppedWeapon" parent="GM" type="hook"> <ishook>yes</ishook> <description> Called when a weapon is dropped by a player via <page>Player:DropWeapon</page>. Also called when a weapon is removed from a player via <page>Player:StripWeapon</page>. See also <page>GM:WeaponEquip</page> for a hook when a player picks up a weapon. The weapon's <page>Entity:GetOwner</page> will be NULL at the time this hook is called. <page>WEAPON:OnDrop</page> will be called before this hook is. </description> <realm>Server</realm> <predicted>No</predicted> <args> <arg name="owner" type="Player">The player who owned this weapon before it was dropped</arg> <arg name="wep" type="Weapon">The weapon that was dropped</arg> </args> </function> <example> <description>Print in the chat when a player drop his weapons</description> <code> hook.Add("PlayerDroppedWeapon", "PrintWhenDrop", function(owner, wep) PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, owner:Nick() .. " drop " .. wep:GetPrintName()) end) </code> <output>Yoshi drop AR2</output> <output>Player1 drop AR2</output> </example>