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<function name="SetDrawOnTop" parent="Panel" type="classfunc">⤶ <description>⤶ Makes the panel render in front of all others, including the spawn menu and main menu.⤶ ⤶ Priority is given based on the last call, so of two panels that call this method, the second will draw in front of the first.⤶ ⤶ <note>This only makes the panel **draw** above other panels. If there's another panel that would have otherwise covered it, users will not be able to interact with it.</note>⤶ </description>⤶ <realm>Client</realm>⤶ <args>⤶ <arg name="drawOnTop" type="boolean" default="false">Whether or not to draw the panel in front of all others.</arg>⤶ </args>⤶ </function>⤶ ⤶