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<function name="SetWalkSpeed" parent="Player" type="classfunc"> <description> Sets the player's normal walking speed. Not sprinting, not slow walking <key>+walk</key>. There currently is no way to modify the slow walking <key>+walk</key> speed. See also <page>Player:GetWalkSpeed</page>, <page>Player:SetCrouchedWalkSpeed</page>, <page>Player:SetMaxSpeed</page> and <page>Player:SetRunSpeed</page>. <bug issue="2030">Using a speed of 0 can lead to prediction errors.</bug> </description> <realm>Shared</realm> <args> <arg name="walkSpeed" type="number">The new walk speed when sv_friction is below 10. Higher sv_friction values will result in slower speed.&#xA;&#xA;Has to be 7 or above or the player won&#x27;t be able to move.</arg> </args> </function>

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