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<cat>struct</cat> <structure> <description>Table structure used by <page>undo.Do_Undo</page> and <page>GM:CanUndo</page>.</description> <realm>Server</realm> <fields> <item name="Owner" type="Player">The player responsible who owns the undo</item> <item name="Name" type="string">The name of the text to report to the player</item> <item name="Entities" type="table">A table of entities to be removed by the undo</item> <item name="Functions" type="table">A table of {function_to_call, func_arg2, func_arg3}</item> <item name="CustomUndoText" type="string">A custom undo text to show the client</item> <item name="NiceName" type="string">(Next update)A "nice" name of the undo, which will be used for the UI</item>⤶ </fields> </structure>