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<function name="AddConstraintTable" parent="constraint" type="libraryfunc">⤶ <description>Stores information about constraints in an entity's table.</description>⤶ <realm>Server</realm>⤶ <file line="375">lua/includes/modules/constraint.lua</file>⤶ <args>⤶ <arg name="ent1" type="Entity">The entity to store the information on.</arg>⤶ <arg name="constrt" type="Entity">The constraint to store in the entity&#x27;s table.</arg>⤶ <arg name="ent2" type="Entity" default="nil">Optional. If different from `ent1`, the info will also be stored in the table for this entity.</arg>⤶ <arg name="ent3" type="Entity" default="nil">Optional. Same as `ent2`.</arg>⤶ <arg name="ent4" type="Entity" default="nil">Optional. Same as `ent2`.</arg>⤶ </args>⤶ </function>⤶ ⤶