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<function name="Record" parent="video" type="libraryfunc"> <description>Attempts to create an <page>IVideoWriter</page>.</description> <realm>Client and Menu</realm> <args> <arg name="config" type="table">The video config. See &lt;page&gt;VideoData&lt;/page&gt;.</arg> <arg name="config" type="table">The video config. See <page>VideoData</page>.</arg> </args> <rets> <ret name="" type="IVideoWriter">The video object (returns **false** if there is an error)</ret> <ret name="" type="string">The error string, if there is an error</ret> </rets> </function> <example> <description>How to create a basic IVideoWriter, and how to use it</description> <code> local config = { container = "webm", video = "vp8", audio = "vorbis", quality = 50, bitrate = 200, fps = 30, lockfps = 30, name = "Test", width = 1280, height = 720 } local iVideoWriter = video.Record( config ) iVideoWriter:SetRecordSound( true ) local function Record() iVideoWriter:AddFrame( FrameTime(), true ) end function StartRecording() hook.Add( "DrawOverlay", "Record", Record ) end function StopRecording() hook.Remove( "DrawOverlay", "Record" ) iVideoWriter:Finish() end </code> </example>