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Entity:GetMaterials History

3 Years Ago
Entity:GetMaterials - Minor Change
by Rubat
Entity:GetMaterials - irrelevant bug to this function
by Rubat
Entity:GetMaterials - Mark issue #3216 resolved in the next update + add note about the result
by Florian
Entity:GetMaterials - Mark issue #4853 as resolved in the next update
by Florian
Entity:GetMaterials - Add issue #4853 notice
by Florian
4 Years Ago
Entity:GetMaterials - Well yes, you are generating a big table every frame. Of course it'll tax your performance, this doesn't need to be put on every page
by code_gs
Entity:GetMaterials - I discovered that calling this in each Think caused a 'crash' in FPS
by Niccep
Entity:GetMaterials - No change reason was given
by gmwikiimport